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This is the age in which digital marketing reigns supreme. Find out how we turn your editorial into social media content such as blogs.
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This is the age in which digital marketing reigns supreme. With the rise of internet platforms such as Blogger, Twitter and Facebook, campaigns must be transferrable, with editorial that can be adapted to suit a number of social media platforms. Here at Armitage Communications we have mastered these new mediums and use these channels daily, ensuring that our digital marketing is up to the minute, responsive and measurable.

If we had to choose our favourite social media format, we’d have to go for blogging. Blogs have given everyone a voice, from aspiring British journalists to market tradesmen in Abu Dhabi. Furthermore, blogging is a great intermediary between the friendly, personable voice suited to social media and the more formal topics which are central to the B2B market. Through blogging, we can interact with our readership, achieving a direct link between our client and the prospective customer. We have already engaged some brilliant thought leaders with our blog about gender bias, including MP Chi Onwurah and Peggy Orenstein, author of the New York Times bestseller ‘Cinderella Ate My Daughter.’

Have a read of our blog to get an idea of what stimulates and inspires us to work within this sector from content marketing trends to UK education

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