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Armitage Communications offers a blend of marketing communications tools tailored to the technical industries from content curation through graphic design.
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18 Aug Did technology kill the journalist star?

It's been over a week since Gavin Sheriff and Darryl Smith shut up shop for their last ever Friday at the Dundee-based Sunday post in Fleet Street. As the last Fleet Street newspaper takes it final bow, we examine how changes in technology over the...

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14 May Why the ‘ matters

A reader’s letter to my local newspaper caught my eye this week. It came from a 10-year old girl complaining about the incorrect use of an apostrophe in a headline. Is this just a precocious schoolgirl pointing out a minor error, or does it highlight a...

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08 May Traditional marketing anesthetises audiences

At Armitage Communications, we understand that strong content marketing is fundamental to the success of any campaign. The ears, eyes and minds of 2015 are so desensitised by the constant bombardment of traditional marketing techniques that these no longer have the desired effect. A twenty-first century...

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20 Apr Find Ben’s Bear competition

Help us help children and families dealing with childhood cancer Do you fancy yourself as the next Bear Grylls, taking a six-day-long walk in the desert? Well that's exactly what the Ben Trekkers are up to right now. They began their trek on the morning of...

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20 Mar Interview with an astronaut

Space. The final frontier. No, this isn’t a commentary on hit TV series ‘Star Trek’ or even a report on the lunar eclipse this morning. This is instead a blog about how a recent project at Armitage Communications was designed to encourage delegates to attend...

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