About Armitage Communications

Armitage Communications are a specialist high-tech PR and Marketing agency working within the electronics, electrical and industrial automation sectors. With over 25 years experience, the Armitage team offer a blend of marketing communication tools to deliver exceptional results for clients. 

In January 2019, Armitage Communications merged with Napier, forming a team of experienced individuals whose deep understanding and expertise allows them to deliver technical market insight across the B2B technology industry and achieve the right results for our clients.

Armitage Communications is part of the Napier group. 

Meet the Development Team

Offering a blend of marketing communications tools, Armitage Communications is whatever you need us to be. For over 25 years, our multichannel approach has been helping our clients get their message across to the people who matter.

Imagine a milkshake bar with a non-exhaustive list of ingredients. That’s us, but instead of dairy delights we’re offering up PR communications. And our key messages are delivered through carefully selected platforms, not in a paper cup.

As well as this, our deep understanding of technology and grasp of complex technical issues enables us to tackle complex technical projects head on. So our clients spend less time briefing and approving text, and more time benefiting from high quality content.

Try our hassle-free approach, where our communication skills enable you to simply brief and go, assured that we will achieve the right results.