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Here at Armitage Communications, we’ve worked hard to pull together a mixture of educational marketing content and relevant industry news.
Read our blog to get an idea of what stimulates and inspires us to work within this sector and our thoughts and opinions about PR, marketing and the industry.

Share the love with great content this Valentine’s

Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. And as if you haven’t already had enough reminders – great big love hearts in restaurant windows, pink lingerie in department store…

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Integrated marketing communications: The best party starts with an invite

Click here to view a larger version If you want your reputation to spread like wildfire, as the greatest party planner of the 21st century, then your invitation needs to extend across…

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The STEM of Gender Bias

We all know how to make small talk. Granted, the exact nature of the way we communicate might vary depending on formalities, but whether you’re at a wedding, family celebration or simply out for a…

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No detail too small….

We always like to go to town when it comes to making our clients look good. And what better way to promote the use of your client’s products around Central London than an open-top bus tour of the…

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Technology, the frenemy of tomorrow’s workforce

Technological change seems to occur at the speed of light. As one technical innovation develops, another is just beginning. It can be extremely difficult to keep up, even for those twenty-something…

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Optimise your Twitter – 10 Tips On How To Gain and Keep Followers

A straightforward indication of the success of your Twitter communications strategy begins with examining the number of followers you have. Put simply – the larger the audience, the more exposure…

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A courtship with content

There are many ways in which using content to win new customers is like trying to find a romantic partner. Not only do you have to stand out from the crowd and attract someone, but then you have to…

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