Traditional marketing anesthetises audiences

At Armitage Communications, we understand that strong content marketing is fundamental to the success of any campaign. The ears, eyes and minds of 2015 are so desensitised by the constant bombardment of traditional marketing techniques that these no longer have the desired effect.

A twenty-first century audience of savvy multi-media browsers are no longer fooled by companies who focus primarily on advertising themselves, rather than creating added value to the customer with informative, educational, and entertaining content on a variety of platforms from funny pics on SnapChat to fifty pager e-books.
Which is why we’re sharing this golden nugget of blogger wisdom from Jeff Bullas, who was ranked the #1 Content Marketing Influencer Globally in 2014 by Onalytica. He describes how content marketing upsets traditional marketers, but that a change needs to take place in which the aim is to pull in customers rather than push them away with meaningless, self-important brand-egocentricity.
Rather than provide you with a summary, we’ll simply give you the link.