The very nature of some B2B communications involve complicated briefs on technology, technical issues and products. As creators of specialist content we don’t let that faze us. We know the best ways to explain the details to your target audiences so that your message is clear, concise and understood.

Furthermore, our design team is adept at creating technical graphics and animations to visually communicate how products work, such as the luminescence quenching technology graphic to the right. The animation ‘Tess’s Day’ below is an example of how electric motors affect the modern world, and includes diagrams which detail the individual elements involved in each process.


When our client wanted an animation to raise awareness of the role industrial motors play in everyday life, we were ideally suited to take on the job.

The client wanted a video that would be appreciated by a wide range of viewers, from CEO level, right down to school children, to be distributed via YouTube. Several approaches were considered, but ultimately we chose to examine the “chains of consequence”, how different motor-driven industrial processes follow on from each other. For example, starting with offshore oil drilling, we followed the process chain through refining, tanker delivery, to the service station serving fuel to cars.